Breaking up with the blog…


Yes, the title says it all. If you have followed The Cooking Canvas in the past or know little ole’ me personally, you might have noticed the lack of posts and passion for what once was. Sadly, after a lot of thinking and procrastinating, I have decided to retire The Cooking Canvas. Let me explain a bit.

It’s actually kind of funny. I can’t help but connect the analogy of a relationship when it comes to the blog. It just fits.


Don’t worry, not ending anything with this guy. We celebrated 5 years with a trip to San Francisco!

The blog and I have been together for almost three years. That is not just a summer fling. It says commitment. It’s a part of my family (Ryan helps with posts, Miss M is featured in photos, we actually eat the food – duh). I love and appreciate the learning journey we have been on together.

We started out so strong. Filled with passion even. I dreamed big with the blog. I could see us in the future, conquering the blogosphere and maybe making it my full time job! I jumped at every chance I could to share it with someone. I was so proud and excited about it.

At the beginning, I gave it all the attention that it deserved and things looked good. It was slowly growing in readership. I loved taking pictures, coming up with recipes, attempting witty posts. Those were the days!

It’s thinking about the past and the hope I had for the blog that makes me feel so bittersweet about breaking up with The Cooking Canvas.

It even fits the age-old cliche “it’s me, not you.”

I guess in between starting a new job, motherhood, moving, and looking forward into how I want to spend my daily time and efforts, I have lost the spark for the blog that once was. Truth be told, the idea of taking pictures of my food, just well…leaves me uninspired. I try coming up with excuses. “I’m too busy.” “I want to hang with Miss M.” “I’ve got to go to the store first.”


Who doesn’t want to hang out with friends at the beach? Miss M with her beloved Pooh and Mona.

Uh…all are lame explanations for avoiding the root of the problem:

I don’t really feel like blogging about food anymore.

There I said it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love to cook, I believe homemade food is the best food, and I will share a good recipe with anyone who has a tastebud. I’m not losing my mind after all.

Admittedly, the seemingly bagillion food blogs out there leave me feeling a little lack luster anyway, and although I have written posts of sustenance, my recipes are good, and I am always thinking about my next meal, I just don’t care to share them anymore in blog form. Furthermore, I used to find making dinner every night a chance to unwind, to be creative. It’s the time that got me thinking about a food blog in the first place. Any person, though, who has any combination of child-rearing and career in their life know that dinner is not always laissez-faire fun and that the weekends are not conducive for all day cooking.

Part of me says I am giving up. That I’m a wimp. That I just don’t put in the time. Maybe that is all true.


It’s hard to find pictures of the three of us! Maybe I’ll start a beer tasting blog…nah…

The other part of me, however, says that breaking up with The Cooking Canvas is a liberation and a chapter closing. Bittersweet as it may be. It says that I have other SUPER important parts of my life (see summer fun photos!) that I will be able to feel more “whole” about. Including my own creative journey.

While I sort out what to do next, I’m glad that the blog is not a real person, with feelings and its own commitment issues. Until I do make a decision, The Cooking Canvas will remain up and running with the recipes of the past. Thank you for stopping by and regardless, please keep cooking, and creating.

With love, Megan

Easter Recipe Roundup

So, I know it’s been awhile. I could go on with excuses, but the truth is I just haven’t felt like posting lately. Boom. There I said it.

But this photo of Miss M as she gleefully claps her hands is sheer joy in dying Easter eggs at Grammie’s house gave me a wild hair to share some good things.

M and Easter Eggs

Specifically sharing some good things that are already on The Cooking Canvas that would be so magnificently delicious for an Easter meal, brunch, or springtime anything.

In no particular order:

Meg’s Mini Cinna Bacon Rolls – What isn’t better with bacon?

Overnight Egg Casserole – Everyone will love this. 

Asparagus and Avocado Salad with Dill Dressing – Fresh and so satisfying.

Chickpea Power Salad – Filling and fun!

Dried Cherry, Candied Almond & Goat Cheese Salad – A never-fail recipe.

Rainbow Pancakes – Why just dye eggs?

Sweet and Salty Pork Tenderloin – Bust out the grill if it’s nice!

Thin Mint Brownies – A little sweet with a twist.

Bacon, Spinach & Leek Quiche – An all time fav of The Cooking Canvas readers.

Southwestern Quiche – Ole! 

Thanks for sticking around as a reader and lover of The Cooking Canvas. Keep cooking! 



Grilled Pimento Cheese Sticks


Grilled Pimento Cheese

It’s here. Again. And I had no idea. I was completely in the dark until I overheard a student talking about “the big game” this last Monday. Sure, you know what I’m talking about. Duh. It’s only been 50 years in the making. That’s right SUPERBOWL L. No, that’s not a typo. L is the Roman numeral for 50 and I didn’t have any idea about that either until I just looked it up.

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Easy and Fresh Radish Salad


Radish Salad

Winter Passion. Blood in the Snow. Fire and Ice. Magenta Madness. Crimson and Clover. Scary Scarlet. Fingerprik Red. Snow White’s Red.

A poem?
Nail polish colors?
Labels of house paint?

As much as I’ve always wanted to be a poet or professional color namer-caller-person, these are simply names I conjured up for the beautiful, vivacious, and intoxicating color of one of my favorite salad accompaniments: the radish.

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Sweet and Salty Holiday Bark


Holiday Bark

On Friday, Miss M had her first EVER Christmas pageant with her daycare friends (no, she did not give out autographs at this performance). Granted, her teachers did most of the singing when it came to her class’s song about snowflakes and, as evidenced in the photo below, Miss M had hardly any idea what was going on and why her parents were frantically, ridiculously, fanatically snapping dozens of pictures of her. Regardless, it was pretty darn cute.

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Warm Winter Lasagna with Spinach, Almonds, and Raisins


Winter Lasagna

Warm Winter Lasagna with Spinach, Almonds, and Raisins

It’s here. It arrived about two weeks ago, right on my doorstep, on my car windshield, on the driveway. You know what it is. No? Not yet? Okay, obvious clues: it had to be plowed by oversized-trucks, it forced us to buy two pairs of boots for Miss M (one for daycare and one for home), and it is one of my favorite things in the whole wide – crazy – world…

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Thanksgiving of My Dreams



We’re doing it different this year. No turkey, no mashed potatoes, no cranberries, no green beans, no pumpkin-anything…nope, nada, zilch, zip. We’re not cooking any of it, that is. Yep, none of the above will come out of my kitchen. Not that I don’t love all the aforementioned, nor that I have changed my favorite holiday to say…groundhog day. The simple reason is that instead of cooking all day and having a family meal, we are going to a…

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Squash, Lentil, and Coconut Curry Soup with Homemade Naan


Squash Lentil and Coconut Curry Soup

Okay, I promise. I pinky swear, even. This is my last soup recipe for awhile. Seriously. But, this one – the Squash, Lentil, and Coconut Curry Soup with Homemade Naan recipe – was way too good to pass up. The coconut and curry flavors along with the warm, satisfying homemade naan could simply not be put off for later.

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