Greek Stuffed Peppers


Stuffed Peppers

“Now this is good.”

These four little words were uttered upon first bite by esteemed and well-respected food critic, hubby Ryan.

Today’s recipe? The Seriously-Super Martha Stewart-Trumping Stuffed Greek Peppers. Okay, maybe just calling them Greek Stuffed Peppers will suffice. And they might not be as good as Martha’s, but what recipe is?

Before I rant about these peppers, though, a story of triumph…

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Top 5 Cold Fighters


Cold Figh

Old Man Winter has the nasty habit of bringing in frigid temps and, normally, I embrace the ambiance. Snow, cold, a warm fire. You get it. But recently, with the cold came the cold I feel…in my face.

Yes. In my face.

I feel like my head, nose, and throat have been put in a vice. A twisted old rope pulled and twisted tight. A nauseating, shoot-me-now feeling. For the past few days, I have had more of a relationship with a Kleenex box than with my daughter or husband.

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Valentine’s Day Lunch for Two (or You)


 Valentine Lunch


How’s your week going, dearest readers? Excited for a new recipe? A Valentine’s Day special?

If you are anything like my students, you may be giving your shoulders an apathetic or indifferent shrug. At least that is what I got yesterday in class when I opened a discussion about symbols (specifically hearts), meaning, and their expression.

Now try this next question…

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Roasted Cauliflower Cream Soup


Roasted Cauliflower

Confession time…I love the NBC sitcom “The Office.” I may or may not know most dialogue and trivia involving the series. It really is an embarrassment how often I will turn it on and how much I belly up with laughter at Dwight’s ridiculous antics and Michael’s socially inappropriate behavior.

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Chicken Sausage Lentil Soup


Chicken Sausage Soup

Do you know what would be a cute dog name? Lentil. 


I know, I know…strange, but just say it with me and picture a cute little furry face looking back. See?! Adorable, right?

I’m always coming across words that I think “Ha! That would be a good pet name.” Oreo. Ben. Ginger. Call it weird. Whatever. It’s how my mind works.

Even more strange (and as further evidence of how cerebral my musings have been lately), there are actually a lot of potential pet names associated with the kitchen…

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Homemade Pizza Bites


Pizza Bites


Being the diehard sports fanatic I am (sarcasm), I know this exclamation-heavy word is often followed by one team losing and another winning (bravo, Captain Obvious) and subsequently a large group of fans screaming their heads off in victory.


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$5K Kitchen Reveal


kitchen quote


Who knows if the famed Italian chef and co-host of the show The Chew, Mr. Batali, ever really uttered these words.

I am sure, however, that they run true for me. Our kitchen is the most used and sometimes abused space in our home. Both literally and figuratively, it is where the slicing and dicing of our days take place.

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Vegetarian Quesadillas


Vegetarian Quesadillas  

No. None. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Negative. Cross it out. Don’t even think about it. Off limits. Now that I have been spending more days at home, there is a new rule at our house.

It’s rectangular, black and grey, and displays images of the outside world. That’s right, THE TV. And NO MORE of it. During the day, that is. Morning headlines and weather are okay. Evening news, I’m partial to NBC’s Brian Williams, and a Netflix episode (or two) is acceptable (sidenote, we are into Blacklist right now, just on Season 1, love Redd’s character).

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