Chicken Sausage Lentil Soup


Chicken Sausage Soup

Do you know what would be a cute dog name? Lentil. 


I know, I know…strange, but just say it with me and picture a cute little furry face looking back. See?! Adorable, right?

I’m always coming across words that I think “Ha! That would be a good pet name.” Oreo. Ben. Ginger. Call it weird. Whatever. It’s how my mind works.

Even more strange (and as further evidence of how cerebral my musings have been lately), there are actually a lot of potential pet names associated with the kitchen…

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Homemade Pizza Bites


Pizza Bites


Being the diehard sports fanatic I am (sarcasm), I know this exclamation-heavy word is often followed by one team losing and another winning (bravo, Captain Obvious) and subsequently a large group of fans screaming their heads off in victory.


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$5K Kitchen Reveal


kitchen quote


Who knows if the famed Italian chef and co-host of the show The Chew, Mr. Batali, ever really uttered these words.

I am sure, however, that they run true for me. Our kitchen is the most used and sometimes abused space in our home. Both literally and figuratively, it is where the slicing and dicing of our days take place.

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Vegetarian Quesadillas


Vegetarian Quesadillas  

No. None. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Negative. Cross it out. Don’t even think about it. Off limits. Now that I have been spending more days at home, there is a new rule at our house.

It’s rectangular, black and grey, and displays images of the outside world. That’s right, THE TV. And NO MORE of it. During the day, that is. Morning headlines and weather are okay. Evening news, I’m partial to NBC’s Brian Williams, and a Netflix episode (or two) is acceptable (sidenote, we are into Blacklist right now, just on Season 1, love Redd’s character).

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New Features and New Look!


Have you ever walked by a mirror and thought to yourself, “who is that?” And in that less-than-a-second after you register your own reflection, you notice something…different.

You’re not sure what it is…exactly…but you see the long-lashed, shiny-haired, and college-girl face is replaced with a more mature one. One with more serious eyes, the get-out-of-my-way pulled back hair, and maybe (if the stars align just right) some lip gloss. 

In case you need a hint…I’m talking about me. Not a bad me. A different, fast-forwarded me.


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Five Post-Holiday Detox Drinks You Must Try


Detox Drink

Can you ever have too much of a good thing?

Short answer – yes. Long answer – it depends on what you are referring to. If you are talking about baby cooing and cuddling, no, you can’t get too much. If you are talking about Christmas cookies, cheesy appetizers, and salty-rich spiral cut ham, the response is most definitely yes.  That is how I feel, at least. I’ve had too much. Hence today’s post: five post-holiday detox drinks you must try.

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Post-Holiday Detox Drink II (Blueberry Kale)


Blueberry Ginger

They gotta go. Yup, it’s time to say goodbye to their comfy companionship, their stretchable character, and their forgiving nature. Just like Santa, their time of the year is up. What do I speak of? Can you guess? A couple more hints: they are a faded black, they rhyme with loga lants, and I have gotten ENTIRELY too much wear out of them this season.

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Chocolate Granola and Cranberry Vanilla Granola


Merry Christmas
Dear Cooking Canvas Readers,

A sincere and loving Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. My hope is that each of you is finding yourself surrounded by friends and/or family and filled with many blessings, and ideally a little more content than our little Miss M on Santa’s lap (see photo).

Poor thing, she has no help of being normal with that kind of parental torture. This time of year, however, as wonderful and full of joyous celebration as it may be, can still have an air of emptiness for many…

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